Tourism is one of the most significant contributors to the betterment and improvement of life in developing nations and destinations

~ providing it is rolled out responsibly and proactively. Not only can it offer jobs and much needed income

it can also provide education and awareness, medical support and environmental protection.


Responsible, Sustainable and Eco-tourism offers many solutions, and the Maliangin Island Foundation has been formed to specifically ensure such areas receive the correct attention and support during and post development of Maliangin island.

  Tourism developers are often entering a foreign land and a remote area to satisfy their economic goals, and must ensure they respect the local culture and ways of life that may have existed for centuries. More often than not the local communities are in desperate need of many of the things the Western world takes for granted. Tourism is in a position to eradicate poverty, educate and enlighten, but still support and ensure the continuation and survival of local cultures and ways of life. The Maliangin Island Foundation sets out to bring the power of tourism to this plight.